The Joy of Sailing

Radio Controlled Sailboats

RC model sailing, like all sports, has different levels of participation. We would like to point out a few ways you can enjoy RC sailing.

Family of Ducks – All Aboard!

The Hobbyist – There are those that participate as a hobbyist, finding much of their enjoyment in the construction and display of a model sailboat. After construction, the hobbyist often enjoys sitting on the couch, admiring his work, and even dreaming of what it would be like to be aboard such a boat at sea.

Get Away – Then there is the “relaxation” sailor, that uses his boat to get away from the free-for-all of daily life. Sailing an RC model sailboat on a quiet lake, blocks out the rest of the world and refreshes the senses with beautiful images and the soothing sounds of nature. It is not unusual to see models sailing next to a highrise office building during lunch break.

Family – A model sailboat is a special treat for the family – easy to own, easy to control, and harmless to play with. Children of all ages will enjoy quality time sailing with Mom and Dad. Kids relate naturally to the miniature world, and enjoy playing “make-believe” as they sail out to sea.

Learning – RC sailboats provide the ultimate learning tool. You quickly learn sailing basics in just an hour or so, and if you chose to learn more, your model is the perfect learning tool. If you want to graduate to real sailboats, all that you have learned with your model applies. And for those sailors that have raced around the marks a few times on full sized boats, you won’t believe how quickly you will learn new tactics and the finer points of racing rules when you take the helm of a model.

Camaraderie – Building or buying a RC sailboat is the price of admission into one of the oldest clubs in the world. Sailors love to gather, look over each other’s boats, and tell tall tales about their sailing adventures. Whether they sail a vintage RC sailboat, or the latest high-tech speedster, it all relates. We are now seeing an explosion of hometown sailing clubs all across the country. These model clubs are informal, social and tremendous fun. No need to be near the ocean, models sail on bodies of water as small as a swimming pool.  We even have clubs that race in the winter on inside swimming pools, powered by fans.
Racing Challenge – With the advent of reliable and easy to use radio control equipment, and model sailboats that look and act like the real thing, racing has taken a major step forward. Precise handling challenges the most seasoned racer. Model sailing clubs provide the structure for competition and the education to compete at a higher level. Entry level racing is found in all sailing clubs.

All of the Above – So what does this all mean? Whether you enjoy building and displaying a boat, a relaxing sail to bring you back to nature, or you want to compete for the national championship, there is a place for you in model sailing. And don’t forget the camaraderie of all those that enjoy the art and beauty of sailing.

Get an RC sailboat today and go sailing – it will bring a smile to your face whether alone or in a group.