Seawind is About to Enter “Stage Left”

Kyosho predicted the new Seawind would be in the US by the end of Jan 2014, but now that we have passed that date, they are saying sometime in February . . . and so it goes.

SailRC represented Kyosho selling the Seawind when it was only available as a kit, but eventually dropped it because there were not enough customers that wanted to build a kit.  So now, after a couple of years out of production, we are very excited to have the boat coming back on line in a ready-to-sail configuration.

As soon as we can get one of the new boats in our hands, we will write a full breakdown evaluation complete with a sailing report.  I know this model very well having built over 30 for Seawind owners from the kit version, and from racing her sparingly for about a year (2d in the 2007 Nationals).

In any respect, keep an eye on our website since we have already placed our order and expect them to be available to ship in late February or early March or . . . . . when they get to us.

Seawind is a great boat.  It’s sexy, fun to sail, and doesn’t have any bad habits.  It also has a very nicely organized racing class in the US.  So smile is you have always wanted a Seawind.  And if you haven’t always wanted one – consider it.    Steve