SailRC is for Sail, er Sale.

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Nirvana sailing off into the sunset.

SailRC via the Lang Family is sailing off into the sunset.

A good business is run by good people who respect their customers and genuinely give it all they can to produce a positive outcome.

In our case, Steve wanted to spend more time doing “retirement” things.  Knowing that it would be hard to remain true to our business plan, the decision was made to close rather lesson the commitment.

We know there is concern about the RC Laser and the Nirvana and the parts for these boats as we have been the sole distributor for so long.  We are doing our best to make sure that there is no interruption in service.  Please refer back here for news on “what’s next”.  And if you know anyone that would enjoy a business in model sailing, our operation is turn key and ready to go.

For a limited time, Steve will remain available, via email only, to answer any questions about a boat you purchased from SailRC.  And we will also maintain our information services on this website.

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