RC Laser Manual – Diagrams and How To’s

Every once in a while, we are asked for another copy of the manual that comes with every new RC Laser.

We are posting it here to help existing RC Laser owners with their boats and for new owners of a used RC Laser. Your RC Laser will likely last longer than the manual…so rest assured, we will keep it available online.

For those of you who do not have an RC Laser yet – this will give you an idea of how great the RC Laser is.

***Please Note! The manual does need to be updated. We have included the 2012 addendum to cover a few of these changes.***

This is in the format of a printed book to be stapled down the middle. Watch the page numbers to follow it online or print it and staple it to read it in order.

RC Laser Manual 2006

RC Laser Manual Addendum 2012

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