RC Laser

The Finest Radio Controlled Sailboat in the World

RC Laser Sailing past a race bouy

Below are the specifications of this terrific model followed by some of the feature highlights.  There are many more articles on the Skippers Log about this remarkable RC sailboat as well.


Length Deck 41.5″
Length Waterline 37.75″
Beam 13.5″
Draft 17″
Main Hoist 50″
Mast top above deck 54″
Bottom of keel to top of mast 73″
Sail Area

949 sq. in.
710 sq. in.
600 sq. in.
525 sq. in.
Displacement 9 lbs.


  • Hull and deck molded in one piece polypropylene
  • Mast is tapered fiberglass composite, two piece
  • Sail is sleeved to slide over the mast. Sail is made of non-woven polyester composite film
  • Mast is stepped into a non-captive deck step that allows mast to swivel. There is no standing rigging
  • Gooseneck fitting is fixed so boom vang is not necessary
  • Keel and rudder snap in and out in an instant – no tools
  • Easy access to radio compartment via snap-lid port
  • Easy to adjust stainless outhaul sliders on boom
  • All parts are interchangeable and inexpensive to replace
  • Full On Board electronics to include class approved servos for sail and steering
  • Two channel AM Radio system (drum sail winch, steering servo installed)
  • Batteries not included – requires 8 or 12 ea AA batteries, either alkaline or rechargeable
  • Boat is corrosion resistant and salt water safe


Click here to purchase your RC Laser!


For more expanded information on the features of the RC Laser, check out a couple of articles:


The bottom line

Over 9,000 owners in North America alone

Can’t be wrong.

9 thoughts on “RC Laser

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  2. Tom Gilbert

    I would like to see about ways to expand my sailing. I had a stroke about 14 years ago. I can only use my right arm and leg. My left arm and leg are weak. Is it possible to operate the radio control with one hand? Can one remain in a seated position to operate the radio control during the race or must one follow the boat? I am hoping to stay in one position on our dock or beach. Is there a stand for the boat before and after the race?

    Thanks for your advice and help.
    Tom Gilbert

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      Hi Tom,

      Absolutely there is a way to RC sail with one hand. What we will do is set up a four channel radio to work on the right side only. To let the sails in and out, move the right stick up or down. To turn the rudder, move the right stick left and right.

      Many sailors sit while sailing, especially casual sailors. At regattas, there is usually more movement but some strategically place their chair or chairs to see all of the course from a chair.

      We look forward to sailing with you one day…


  3. Ashley

    Is there only the one laser kit thats avalible or are there a number of different kits .Does the kit contain all the sails the servos and receiver and radioetc. and how much to purchase .

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      Thank you for your question, Ashley.

      There are two versions of the RC Laser – one with a radio (Ready to Sail) and one without (Plug ‘n’ Play). They both come complete with two servos, one sail, one mast, one boom, one fully rigged hull, one rudder and one keel. The Ready to Sail version has a radio (transmitter that you hold to control the boat plus the receiver to go in the boat); the Plug ‘n’ Play version is set up to install your own receiver to work with your existing transmitter as many RC enthusiasts have a radio they prefer.

      Truly, neither are kits. You “put them together” in less than 5 minutes with no tools. Additional sails with matching masts and booms are available as well.

      To purchase one RC Laser, it is $585 for the Ready to Sail and $499 for the Plug ‘n’ Play. There are quantity discounts available – you can get a Plug ‘n’ Play RC Laser for as low as $394! And, currently, we offer free shipping for RC Lasers shipped within the 48 contiguous states.

      Feel free to call me if I can help further – 727-455-1332.


  4. Mac Dickson

    Do you still sell the RC Laser ? Ready to sail , what would I be looking at for costs and delivery to Ontario , Canada .
    Thanks ,

    Mac Dickson

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      Absolutely, Mac. I will work up a shipping quote for Ontario and send it via email.

      Theresa Rae Gay

  5. Wayne

    These appear to be taking off in Australia, where do you buy them downunder, or what would it cost to ship one from the USA.

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      Absolutely! You have an amazing distributor in Australia making that all happen. Click here to go to Cliff Bromiley’s site.



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