Let us show you why all over the world, where ever you find serious RC enthusiasts and/or sailors, you’ll find our RC sailboats. Click on an image below to find out complete specs and features, and what makes each boat unique.

We have been the North American distributor for the RC Laser since 2001. This is the world’s most popular one-design RC sailboat, and rightfully so. The RC Laser is amazingly well engineered and equipped and is the only model RC sailboat in the world built using a polypropylene hull. It is simple to sail, extremely durable, and the most challenging to race. The best of all worlds in a model sailboat at 42” overall length.

In 2010, we took over distribution of the Nirvana in North America from the manufacturer. We were instrumental in the numerous upgrades to the manufacture of Nirvana since its introduction in 2003. This is a very good sailing boat, that is well priced for those entering the sport. However, it has become the club fleet favorite over the years because of its ready-to-sail finish and fine sailing characteristics all in 32” overall length.

In 2012, we took on Fairwind, to be more specific the Fairwind III. Fairwind is a boat that has been around for years and was originally sold only as a kit in ABS plastic. However, after a brief stint out of production, the Fairwind III was introduced in 2009. Even though still produced by the Japanese company Kyosho, it is now manufactured in China. This boat is remarkably well finished and completely built with great detail to look like a cruising sailboat, all in a compact 35” length hull.

42" RC Laser

42″ RC Laser

32" Nirvana

32″ Nirvana

Fairwind III sailing

35″ Fairwind III

Please click on a photo of any boat and it will take you to more information on the boat.

We support only a limited number of main products because we wish to service these products with complete product knowledge and support.

We sail only the best so we sell only the best.

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