Sail Numbers for Nirvana Sails


Class approved sail numbers for the Nirvana.

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As directed by the Nirvana Racing Rules, the sail number specs are:

  • Height: 3″ tall
  • Font: Arial Rounded MT Bold
  • Color: Black

Each sail number is one piece – i.e. if your sail number is 24, one sticker has 24 on it rather than one sticker with a 2 and one sticker with an 4.

Sail numbers are sold by the pair as each jib sail needs two (to be seen from both sides of the sail).

If you are buying a new boat, each boat receives a hull number of which the last two numbers are your sail numbers. We will provide the 2 digit sail number to the sign maker for your sail numbers.

If you already have a boat, please signify what sail numbers we need to print for you. Sail numbers are 2 digit.

NOTE: Shipping is included in the price for decals.