Sail Cover


A nice bag to hold all of your RC Laser rigged sails.

Posted in RC Laser, Accessories, Sail/Rigging.
Bag to hold all of your rigged sails for the RC Laser.
  1. The four RC Laser sails rigged on respective masts and booms, with sail cover folded up in front. Note there are no hard ribs in the sail cover.
  2. Inside the sail cover are 3 full sized sail separator panels, shown here in gold.
  3. Insert sails into the proper compartment, with the strap side up on the cover, and the mast down. Recommend marking the bottom of each gooseneck fitting with the letter of the sail: A, B, C, D.
  4. Zip the foot end of the cover closed which secures each rig from sliding out the end of the cover.
  5. Shoulder strap makes it easy to carry your sails hands-free. Also, the cover with the sails can be hung on a single hook on any wall. At the sailing site, simply unzip the cover, and lay flat on the ground where sails can be changed easily.