Rechargeable Battery System for the RC Laser

Battery – Recharge System – 8TX, 5-pack

Price Not Announced

Specifically for the RC Laser and Seawind, this recharge system has a charger with two leads, a five pack rechargeable battery (boat) and 8 AA rechargeable batteries (radio).

We have versions of this package for boats needing only AA batteries as well.


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We make it easy for you by putting together this kit. Get one for each RC Laser and Seawind you buy and your batteries will be ready when you are while saving the world one battery at a time. This kit is specially priced – discounted off buying the pieces separately. And it will ship free with your RC Laser or Seawind!

Includes Charger and Batteries as specified below:

Receiver Battery – A flat 5-pack battery (6 volt) is provided for the on-board system. An adapter is included as well to allow you to plug into a 2 pin or 3 pin switch or receiver.

Transmitter Batteries – 8 AA NiMH custom batteries (5-7 hours service life)

Charger – A trickle charger brings TX and RX cells up to full strength over night, and then continues to hold all batteries at peak strength without fear of overcharging. One charger lead plugs into the receiver 5- pack battery, the other leads plugs into the side of the Transmitter. Therefore, no batteries need to be handled at all. Lights on the charger indicate that proper connection is made. RX charger light turns green when RX 5-pack is fully charged.

Instructions and Inventory – Instructions on use, plus a package inventory.

We have two versions – this one includes 8 rechargeable AA batteries for the transmitter plus the flat 5-pack for the receiver (boat). Click here for the other one that includes 4 for the transmitter plus the flat 5-pack for the receiver (boat) – past radios have only required 4 batteries for the transmitters.

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