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Product Description

The standard RC Laser package is ready to sail in less than 5 minutes.

Included in the standard boat are the following parts:

Hull – blow molded polypropylene, one part (not sandwiched together). Virtually indestructible.

Standard Mast (for B, C, D Sails) – Two-part, tapered, composite, free-standing mast with fixed gooseneck attached.

Standard Boom (also called the “long” boom used for A sail and B sail) – supplied with three adjusters for trimming the sail and attaching the mainsheet.

B Sail – This is the mid range sail good for sailing in winds up to 20 mph.

Keel – A molded keel fin with lead ballast attached. Comes with a plastic fairing shield installed over lead. A wing-lock fitting at top of the fin provides easy through-boat installation in a snap!

Rudder – molded with integral prongs that snap into the tiller to hold in place. Pintle and gudgeon for outboard mounting.

Boat Stand – Used for displaying boat ~ not for use outside in the wind.

Carry/Storage Bag – This custom bag has a pocket for each boat part, including the transmitter. It is made of heavy grade nylon material with a full zipper. Includes shoulder and hand-carry straps.

Electronics – All boats come with class-approved steering and sail servos installed, a battery holder, and a wire harness with on-deck switch.

Radio Equipment – the RTS (ready-to-sail) version comes with a 2.4 ghz transmitter and installed receiver. The PNP version does not include a transmitter and receiver, so you can use your own.

Not included: 12 AA batteries that will power the boat and radio equipment for 5-6 hours.


We are always asked, “What else do I need?”. So we have made up three specially-priced packages based on how you intend to use your boat.

  • RC Laser Recreational Package $65.00 Add to cart

Recreational Package: For those that intend to use your boat for the sheer relaxation of sailing across the pond. You are not interested in racing for the time being.

This package includes our failsafe Recharge System to make sure your batteries are always fully charged and ready for your next sail. Included is a special charger that charges a custom battery pack for the boat, AND the batteries in the transmitter all ~ at the same time ~ and then drops off to a trickle charge to keep the batteries topped-up until your next sail. No need to remove any batteries from the boat or the transmitter!!

The other item included is Speed Clips. These stainless-steel clips make rigging the boat a snap, giving you a durable double-cross clip that cannot accidentally pull apart.


  • RC Laser Club Competitive Package $189.00 Add to cart

Club Competitive: This package is for those of you that want to compete at the local level. It provides what we recommend to all of our local fleets.

This package includes the Recreational Package, above, plus a couple more items to ready your boat for local racing (or just more options for sailing in different velocities of winds.

Additional sails – Included is the largest sail (A) for light wind sailing, with its special 14” taller mast. You also get the smaller C Sail for when the wind really picks up. (The standard boat comes with the B sail for medium winds) If you are sailing with the gang up at the lake, you will want to be competitive and this set of sails does just that. Everyone will be impressed when you pull out a sail to match the current wind …


  • RC Laser National Competitive Package $379.00 Add to cart

National Competitive: If you aspire to travel to compete in our many regional and national level regattas, you need to be prepared for anything. Changing sails is something that you need to do quickly between races – so here is the most popular set-up.

This package includes both Recreational and Club Competitive packages above, plus:

D Sail (the smallest sail available for when it blows like H___!

Extra Spars – To change sails quickly, you want each sail rigged on its own mast and boom. So you get an additional long boom for the A sail, and two short booms for the C and D sail. Plus we add two extra masts for the C and D sail.

Sail Bag – And last you need something to carry and protect all four rigged sails. Our sail bag is custom made with four compartments, one for each sail rig. The heavy outside cover has a zipper base for access, and a shoulder strap for carrying.

Buying in quantity makes a difference with SailRC. Get together with friends, community or marina to buy a higher quantity and receive greater savings. All must ship at the same time to the same address using a single payment.

Quantity Price Per Boat Savings per Boat
1 $585
2-3 $562 $23
4-7 $526 $59
8+ $480 $105


  • Hull and deck molded in one piece polypropylene
  • Mast is tapered fiberglass composite, two piece
  • Sail is sleeved to slide over the mast. Sail is made of non-woven polyester composite film
  • Mast is stepped into a non-captive deck step that allows mast to swivel. There is no standing rigging
  • Gooseneck fitting is fixed so boom vang is not necessary
  • Keel and rudder snap in and out in an instant – no tools
  • Easy access to radio compartment via snap-lid port
  • Easy to adjust stainless outhaul sliders on boom
  • All parts are interchangeable and inexpensive to replace
  • Full On Board electronics to include class approved servos for sail and steering
  • Two channel AM Radio system (drum sail winch, steering servo installed)
  • Batteries not included – requires 8 or 12 ea AA batteries, either alkaline or rechargeable
  • Boat is corrosion resistant and salt water safe

Below are the specifications of this terrific model. There are many more articles on the Skippers Log about this remarkable RC sailboat as well.


Length Deck 41.5″
Length Waterline 37.75″
Beam 13.5″
Draft 17″
Main Hoist 50″
Mast top above deck 54″
Bottom of keel to top of mast 73″
Sail Area
A 949 sq. in.
B 710 sq. in.
C 600 sq. in.
D 525 sq. in.
Displacement 9 lbs.


First, and foremost, we stand behind the products that we sell and service. The way we do that tells a lot about our company ethic and unending desire to serve our customers.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with any product purchased directly from SailRC, please return it for a refund based on the following terms:

  • Product must be returned (ship date) within 30 days of original receipt of product.
  • Product must be in resalable condition. That includes repacking of all parts in original packing, as originally packed, with complete paperwork included, and with no indication of use.
  • Shipping costs are not refundable.
  • Return shipping damage is the responsibility of the returning customer.
  • Restocking fee – 10% of cost of goods



SailRC is NOT the manufacturer of any product we sell. Therefore, we do not carry the ultimate responsibility for the warranty. However, we do everything possible to insure that you get prompt and fair service.

Specifically – we want you to contact us first with any product question or problem – see Contact Page. Steve will arrange a phone call to move quickly through your issue and provide exact instructions.

SailRC may intervene between you and the manufacturer if we have a warranty support arrangement with that manufacturer.

Warranty Statement: Warranty on products sold and shipped by SailRC covers failure of any part that is caused by defect in workmanship or materials when the product is used as intended*.

*Use as intended Model boats and boat equipment are intended to sail on water. They are not intended to withstand collisions with each other or any other obstruction. Electronics are not intended to get wet!

What is not covered Damage caused by misuse, abuse, improper care, accident, modification, shipping, wear and tear, or repair by anyone other than the manufacturer or their representative. Damage to metal parts due to use in salt water.

Warranty Fine Print

Registration & Proof of Purchase Proof of purchase is critical to a warranty claim. Please register your boat with SailRC within one month of purchase and keep your original receipt.

Electronics SailRC is not a warranty service station for any electronics company. We are pretty good at troubleshooting most of our electronics but even we have a hard time keeping up with new technology. We will troubleshoot your issue on the phone and if we cannot resolve your issue, we will send you directly to a manufacturer’s service rep to get a resolution (either repair or replacement). We will NOT be sending you overseas to any manufacturer – all service centers we use are in the US!

Shipping Damage All items shipped by SailRC are insured for full value. If your boat, or accessories, are damaged during shipping from us to you, it is important to contact SailRC immediately for claims processing.

Important If something is damaged in shipping, most of the time the outside box shows evidence of rough handling. We need pictures of damage to the box.

Again, we are not responsible for damage in shipping but we facilitate getting a resolution in your favor.

Warranty Shipping – The customer is responsible for all costs of shipping a warranty item to and from a warranty station.

No Return If a part fails, many times we can made a decision based on your photograph sent via email. In this case, we may avoid having to return the broken part for review. So take good pictures and send

Replacement Parts Any shipping involved with warranty parts is paid by the owner.

If SailRC ships a warranty replacement part before a faulty part is returned to SailRC, or the manufacturer, the owner will be charged for the replacement. When the part is properly returned and deemed replaceable under warranty, then a credit will be issued to owner’s credit card.

Term We do not set the term of warranty service on our products but we sometimes offer extended warranty coverage. Below are just some of the warranty terms for the products we handle.

RC Laser Out There Technologies (OTT), a US company, produces the RC Laser and warrants each new boat for six months from the verified date of purchase. In North America, SailRC manages all RC Laser warranty services.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, please email us.