RC Laser National Competitive Package

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The ultimate accessory package for the RC Laser owner. Ships free when ordered at same time as RC Laser.


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National Competitive: If you aspire to travel to compete in our many regional and national level regattas, you need to be prepared for anything. Changing sails is something that you need to do quickly between races – so here is the most popular set-up. This package includes:

Speed Clips – these stainless-steel clips make rigging the boat a snap, giving you a durable double-cross clip that cannot accidentally pull apart. Put one on each sail to connect to the sheet and one on the main sheet to connect to the boom.

A Sail (the largest sail available for light wind sailing) with its special 14″ taller A mast and its own boom.

C Sail (smaller sail for when the wind really picks up) with its own B Mast and short boom.

D Sail (the smallest sail available for when it blows like H___!) with its own B Mast and short boom.

So, together with your standard RC Laser and the National Competitive Package, you will have all four sails, all four masts and four booms (the RC Laser comes with a B mast, B sail and boom). These extra spars allow you to change sails quickly since you can have each sail rigged on its own mast and boom. Everyone will be impressed when you pull out a sail to match the current wind.

Sail Bag – And finally, you need something to carry and protect all four rigged sails on shore so they don’t blow around. Our sail bag is custom made with four compartments, one for each sail rig. The heavy outside cover has a zipper base for access, and a shoulder strap for carrying.

This ultimate package provides a savings of $51 over buying the pieces separately.