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Two CD set, one 1 minute, One Staggered Start

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Two CD set, one 1 minute, One Staggered Start

Now a set of two CDs (1 minute & staggered start) – Professionally produced – cannon start signal with auto stop.

Our very popular Start Sequence CD has been improved in 2011 with a second CD for handicapping skippers via use of a staggered start system popularly called RYGG*. Both CDs run at the touch of the “Play” button and automatically stop after the race start. They are immediately ready to restart by the press of the “Play” button.

Both professionally recorded CDs feature a very accurate “click” track, and verbal announcement every ten seconds plus a count down of the final 10 seconds. The start signal is a terrific recording of a cannon fire.

RYGG – stands for Red, Yellow, Green, Go. After the 1 minute countdown the announcer says “Red Start, Yellow Start next” and another 10 seconds passes, before a similar statement begins the Green start sequence and then the final start. This allows clubs to use this very easy to use handicapping system to give novice sailors a head start. Each club determines how a skipper qualifies to move up. Our personal club runs races twice a week and we recalculate positions (Red, Yellow, Green) after each day. Our system is available upon request.

The handicap system is run all the time during club races, allowing any new skipper to jump in at any time and be treated fairly by the system. Enjoy this reliable club racing development handicap system, and the standard upper level regatta 1 minute start countdown.