Country Designator Decal for RC Laser Sails


Class approved country designator decals as of 2011 RC Laser International Racing Rules.

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As directed by the RC Laser Class International Racing Rules – June 2011, the country designator decal specs are:

  • Height: 2.5″ tall
  • Font: Arial Rounded MT Bold
  • Color: Black

Each decal is one piece – i.e. if your country is USA, one sticker has USA on it rather than one sticker with a U, another with an S and the third with an A.

Sail numbers are sold by the pair as each sail needs two (to be seen from both sides of the sail). Order one pair for each sail you have.

Shipping is included in decal pricing.

Want to see directions for placement of the sail decals? Click here and scroll to the last couple of pages.