RC Laser Showroom

Radio control sailing is the easiest RC hobby

  • doesn’t crash & fall apart like RC helicopters, planes, cars and power boats can
  • two controls – one for each thumb
  • easy to learn – takes less than 10 minutes
  • batteries last 5 hours vs. 15 minutes in most other RC vehicles
  • cheaper and easier to maintain than all other RC vehicles

RC Laser is…

  • the #1 one design RC sailboat in the world – more than 9,000 in USA alone
  • the easiest boat to set up – less than 10 minutes from shipping box to water
  • the only RC sailboat in a bag – 5 minutes from bag to water and vice versa
  • the most affordable RC sailboat to maintain
  • complete – it comes with everything you need except batteries
  • as low as 4

What do we recommend that you get in addition to your RC Laser?
To save some money, order these items when you order your boat and they will ship for free inside the boat bag!

Additional sails for changing wind speeds are nice accessories for your RC Laser. To increase boat speed in light wind, use an A rig. For stronger winds, use a C sail.

Recharge systems are also very popular. Our Recharge System comes with a charger for both boat radio and transmitter plus rechargeable batteries for the transmitter and a rechargeable 5-pack for the boat. No more buying batteries every month!

No RC Laser sailor should be without speed clips.