Nirvana – Past, Present and Future

In February 2003, we received one of the first production run Nirvanas for evaluation. I was excited to get my hands on this new RC sailboat because it was designed and performance-tested by Jon Elmaleh – a world renowned model racing sailor and the best model production engineer I have ever known.

Overall, I was really impressed with that early version Nirvana. I test sailed her in Colorado against a well-tuned and sailed CR-914 (36″ racing sloop). Since I was then racing the CR-914 nationally, it was a good trial horse for the Nirvana.

Like all new boats off the production line, there were some bugs, but the boat looked great, sailed cleanly to windward, balanced well even in the puffs, and she was easy to handle downwind ~ a really fun boat with a new modern design.

The boat was, and is, produced by Megatech International, an American company that manufacturers RC products in production

facilities in China. As of 2012, Nirvana remains the only RC sailboat produced by Megatech.

In late 2010, SailRC signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Megatech to import the Nirvana to North America and take over promotion, distribution, and all warranty and parts service. On 5 April, 2011, the first production of Nirvanas since this agreement was inked arrived in our US warehouse.

Since the inception of Nirvana, Steve Lang, president of SailRC, has been an ongoing technical consultant to Megatech on modifications and improvements made to Nirvana.

The new model Nirvana is, by class racing rule, unchanged in performance from the very first boat built in 2003, but today it features upgraded electronics with a new 2.4 ghz spread-spectrum style radio system.

We mention the class racing rule because it serves all Nirvana owners, whether they race or not. The fact that a boat must be manufactured in strict compliance with a set of rules means that all boats, whether manufactured in 2003 or yesterday, must perform the same.

What that means to the non-racer is “value”. Since the boat does not change, each owner enjoys a better purchase value, AND a better resale value. AND, another terrific benefit is that parts are always interchangeable and inexpensive!

Enjoy Nirvana – it is a story worth repeating, and a boat worth sailing.