Nirvana ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~ Part I

What is the difference between the Nirvana, Nirvana II, etc.?  (2012)

There is only one Nirvana RC sailboat.  Since the class is designated a “one-design” boat, that means that it must be manufactured to the same performance specifications year after year.  Note that performance specifications are those features affect speed through the water.  Therefore, the size and shape of he hull, the size and shape of the rudder and keel, the size, shape, and performance characteristics of the spars and sails,  are the major factors that will not change.

You notice that I didn’t mention the electronics.  The Nirvana II was a brief designation of the Nirvana which had a redesigned, and molded, electronics compartment to handle different brands of electronic equipment.  Since electronics only control the boat, not make it faster, changing electronics, within performance specifications, is legal.

In 2011, the Nirvana class returned to just Nirvana.  There is an international class rule for this boat, and it states all the modifications that are allowed for a boat to be considered a Nirvana for racing.  No other changes can be made.  The good news for all Nirvana owners is that the major parts of the boat are interchangeable, and inexpensive – all thanks to the strict adherence to the one-design rule.

Is there more than one size of sails for the Nirvana? 2012

 No.  While there have been some tests completed on a smaller set of storm sails, none have yet been adopted by the class for racing.  Part of the consideration for changing a performance feature like this is that everyone would then be required to get these smaller sails to be able to compete in heavier winds.  Added cost is one of the reasons that the rules committee has not yet approved a smaller set of sails for racing.

Please note that since sails are inexpensive for this boat, you can buy a set of sails and cut them down yourself for your own sailing enjoyment.  It is just the international rule that has not yet changed to allow smaller sails for use in racing.

What is the material the Nirvana sails are made of? 2012

Even though some folks have joked that the sails look like rice paper, that are actually very high quality and extremely durable.  They are made of polyethylene film with a chopped poly fiber adhered to one side for added strength.  These sails are water proof, mildew proof, very tear resistent, and they will not stretch out of shape.  The material is also very resistent to sun damage.  Ultimately the seams (made with double sided tape) will break down in the sun.  But this is after years of sun exposure.  Never leave your boat rigged and sitting in the sun (through a window even), and your sails we last many years.   Poly sails have one issue that requires special care.  They crease easily, so never fold your sails.  Try to store them flat so they don’t get wrinkles or creased.

What is the range of the Nirvana radio system? 2012

This is a loaded question, and here’s why.  The Nirvana has had at least 4 different radios produced and installed in the boats since introduction in 2003.  However, all of the systems have been long range radios, not those used in toys.

Bottom line, you can’t enjoy sailing your Nirvana if you can’t see it, and as long as you can see it, you can control it with any of the radios sold with the boat.

Are the numbers that come with each boat official class numbers? 2012

No.  We are trying to get these low quality, hard to read numbers out of the production.  Official class numbers for racing, are a specific font, size and color but that is not what is included with the boat.  If you don’t intend to race, you can certainly use the numbers that come with your boat – but if you ever intend to race or sell your boat to someone that will, you need to use the numbers specified in the class rule.

 Why should I register my Nirvana ?  2012

 Registration was initially required to activate the warranty on your Nirvana.  Also, it was used to assign a hull and sail number to your boat for racing purposes.

If your boat was purchased from SailRC directly, you no longer need to worry about registering to establish your warranty.  However, if you purchase your boat from a dealer (not SailRC), then you do need to contact SailRC and give us your purchase information (Invoice).

As for hull and sail numbers, if you have a boat that does not have sail numbers, and you want them, register your boat and you will be assigned the proper numbers.  If you have purchased a boat from SailRC after May 2012, hull and sail numbers are not designated, and a sheet is included with every boat shipped.