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When you send us photos, please add captions to let us know what kind of RC sailboat, where the picture is taken, the photographer and any other interesting info. Email your pictures to

So get that camera clicking and give us your best. 


RC Laser

Racing in the cold...without getting wet!


Racing RC Lasers in 40 mph winds.

RC Laser National Championships, 2002

RC Laser in Syndey, Australia

Where in the World do you sail RC Lasers?

Nick and his RC Laser

RC Laser Sailors Have More FUN!

Hull Design on 2 boats

RC Laser Hull & Deck Design Picturess

RC Laser at rest - no wind!

Great RC Sailing Pictures


Nirvana Sheeting - for great RC Sailing

This is...Nirvana

Nirvana Regatta in the mountains of North Carolina

Nirvanas in Black Mountain, NC

How to Set Up the Backstay Antenna on your Nirvana

Nirvana Set Up

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