The RC Laser is Full of Features

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Entertaining the GuestsWhether you are brand new to sailing, new to RC sailing, an old salt, or a championship match-racing model sailor, the RC Laser is the boat for you.

Instant gratification! When you receive your new boat in its shipping box, you will be less than 10 minutes from launching. No tools needed – None! There are only 5 parts – hull, keel, rudder, mast, sail!!! Once you have assembled the boat the first time, you will cut the rig and unrig time to less than 3 minutes.

An equal opportunity sailboat The RC Laser is for kids, for adults, for seniors, even for the physically handicapped. She is the boat of choice for sailing schools and rental fleets because she is practically indestructible and very easy to handle. Plus she is a TRUE one-design for competitive sailors that want to go for the gold.

Pocket boat The RC Laser is so easy to carry around, you will keep it in the backseat of your car for sailing over your lunch break, or stick it in your RV for sailing fun on the road. How about one in the lazarette of your big boat for a sail around the anchorage at day’s end? Or, check it on the plane when you fly off to compete in the RC Laser National Championships. You will take the RC Laser everywhere you go – because you can!

Sail almost anywhere The RC Laser has a 16″ keel. So anywhere you find knee-deep water, she will sail. Sail in the ocean, a pond or lake, a river or stream – or in your swimming pool, it makes no difference. The RC Laser sails beautifully in conditions from a zephyr up to 35 knots of wind – no joke!

Pedigree The Laser is the design of world famous sailor and yacht designer Bruce Kirby. Of all his creations, the one-man Laser is the best known. Over 300,000 have been built to date, making the Laser the most popular racing class of all time AND an Olympic Class.

The RC Laser is a 1/4 scale model of that Laser with certain modifications for model performance – all carefully designed and tested by Bruce Kirby and Jon Elmaleh – both world class sailors.

This means the RC Laser has a pedigree, is proven and tested. It is not a toy designed by a toy company. When you sail this boat, the right things happen. If you make a mistake, it bails you out and keeps on sailing. You don’t need to worry about breaking the boat, and you won’t be disappointed with how well she sails.

The RC Laser Family The RC Laser is supported by the RC Laser Class Association of North America ( The RC Laser is also sanctioned by American Model Yachting Association as a one-design class. When you join our family, you have lots of folks looking out for your sailing enjoyment. This benefit starts with an owner standing next to you at the pond, and reaches all the way to the staff of the RC Laser organization.

RC Laser sailors DO have more fun! – It’s true. RC Lasers are such reliable radio controlled sailboats, you will be sailing when others have their boats ashore for repairs or adjustments. While you sail with the kids, others will be hiding their boat from their kids. Toughness, reliability, simplicity, and all weather capability means more FUN!

NO add-on expenses The RC Laser comes complete ready-to-sail already packed in her custom designed reinforced nylon zippered bag. Isn’t that great? We offer only a very few accessories for those that wish to race their RC Laser more competitively.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Buy your RC Laser directly from SailRC and you have a full 30 days to return your boat if you find out it isn’t everything we say it is.

Unbelievably low priced The production of this RC sailboat coupled with responsible marketing and genuine service, allows us to continue with the lowest price of any boat even remotely similar in features and size. The reason is volume. We sell a lot of RC Lasers because they simply are the very best value in model sailing.

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