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  1. peter whitington

    Your web site advsertises discounted price for RC laser but shopping cart just lists at full price

    Please adise

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author


      We have quantity discounts that kick in when you order more than one RC Laser. Is that what you mean?

      I just put 2 RC Lasers (Ready to Sail) into my cart on our website and the correct price of $562 came up ($23 off full price).

      Please feel free to call me anytime. I take orders over the phone if needed although our system is much more efficient if you order online.


  2. chrisailor

    Are there any Laser owner’s in the San Francisco Bay area, preferably San Mateo/Santa Clara Co.
    Would enjoy attending a race/sailing event. I just received a slightly used Laser (without owners manual) The on-line manual is pretty straightforward, yet has left me “blowing in the wind”, as to how to set up rig.
    Would be very helpful to meet in person a Laser owner, to quickly get up to speed, and make sure all systems are Go! and all parts are present.
    Thanks for your time with this request.

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      Here are a few of the ways to look up this information. This is specific to RC Laser but I have added how to search for the same info for other boat classes.

      1) Go to the RC Laser Class Association of North America’s website by clicking here. They have a list of clubs on the right. Then click on the section called “Where We Sail” up in the Navigation Bar near the top of the page. That includes more club and sailing information. Other classes should have their own websites but not many have as great of an organization as the RC Lasers (all volunteers).

      2) Go to the American Model Yachting Association’s website by clicking here. They have information in two places as well. Click Boats (O-Z) on the Navigation Bar on the left then click RC Laser (or other boat) on the pop-up menu. On that page is a skipper’s list of RC Laser Skippers that are registered with the AMYA RC Laser group. Also, they have a Club Directory in the Navigation bar that lists active clubs and what boats they sail plus the contact info. This is not an exhaustive list as only those that volunteer the info are listed.

      3) Go to RC Groups website by clicking here. Click “Places” in the Navigation Bar near the top. It gives you options to find all kinds of RC related groups, stores, sailors, etc.

      4) And finally, our database. Try the first three recommendations first, please. Then if you haven’t found what you are looking for, click here to send us an email. Provide with at least 10 nearby zip codes (many provide an entire county’s zip codes) and the boat type/class if you are targeting only one. We will search our database then send an email to you blind copying our customers in your area. It will introduce you and recommend that they reply to you about RC sailing in your area. When they do, ask to join them. If they don’t, then they may have moved or maybe prefer to sail privately. As I am sure you understand, we protect the contact information for our customers so this puts the ball in their court.

      Please join your class association and AMYA (plus your class within AMYA). These are the people that get sailors together and help manage regattas and more.

    2. John H. Super


      The San Francisco YC has a couple now. Check our web site for Club contact info and perhaps we can connect. My contact info is 415-564-4779.


  3. dash34

    I keep getting “invalid shipping method” on an order to Canada. How do I solve this problem? thanks!

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      We are always working to improve our website. Many times it is the companies that we use to ship with – they change their info consistently and it effects our site.

      You are welcome to call or email us and we can place the order for you or send you a shipping quote. We can also invoice you via PayPal if that is easiest!

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  4. Phil King

    Considering a RC Laser for purchase. It seems though all the clubs are either in the Northeast or Florida. I live in Nashville, TN, and though not the sailing mecca of Florida, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, we do like sailing. Used to race a Flying Scot in Nashville. When I bought the boat it was stated there was a large fleet in Nashville that raced…NOT!! There were 3 boats. we had to race against no class races. I’d like to have an RC Laser to race, but don’t really want to travel to Florida or New York all the time
    to race.

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      Hi Phil,

      Actually, there is a large group of RC Laser sailors just outside of Nashville in Mount Juliet, TN. Would that work for you? They sail at least once a week plus have one of the most incredible forms of a regatta each year in the Spring – the Geezer ‘Gatta.

      Give me a call – 727-455-1332 – and I will provide contact information to you.

      You will LOVE the RC Laser! The skippers in Mt. Juliet are pretty fun to sail with, too!


  5. Ray Pentz

    I consider myself a novice. I live near a lake where they race RC sailboats. Am I over my head with your RC Laser? I am a believer and love your website!
    Ray Pentz

    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      Great to hear from you, Ray! Great question!

      You are definitely not over your head with the RC Laser! The RC Laser is easy to sail but at the same time challenging to race.

      So when you get it, you will easily learn what to do to sail it. It is as easy as one stick or knob turns the boat/rudder left and right and one stick or knob tightens and loosens the sails. And once your sail gets a puff of wind, you will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. It is truly that simple to learn the ropes.

      Then, as you sail more and more, you will learn how to make it run faster – some by following what others do and some by seeing the effect of pointing closer to the wind and pointing further from the wind. When you zoom past the other boats, you know you’ve got it down!

      And we are always here as a resource. Steve has sailed full sized boats since he was a young boy and has sailed RC sailboats for around 15 years.

      The RC Laser is great because it is quick to rig (even your first time will take less than 30 minutes), easy to store and the hull is “bulletproof”.

      Another HUGE point to make is the RC Laser is the most popular one-design RC sailboat in the world – over 9,000 owners in North America alone can’t be wrong!!!

      It has a large North American class association, regattas all over the world and tight controls on what you can and cannot do to the RC Laser. That way you know that no amount of money will make it faster – just skill and experience.

      Give her a try – I know you won’t be disappointed.


    1. Theresa Rae Gay Post author

      I have not heard that before for the SeaWind! But we want to help. Please call Steve @ 303-803-3442 and let’s figure out what has happened. Kyosho, the manufacturer of the SeaWind, will most definitely replace the stand if it is incorrect.

      But call us first and let’s walk through a short troubleshooting session to see if we can help.


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