SailRC was a family-owned, Christian business run by a father and his two daughters.

Below is information about our SailRC family.

Steve Lang
SailRC President

Located in our Florida office.

My name is Steve Lang – and I have led a very full and rich life. When I was 8 years old, my father and mother came home one day and announced we would be moving onto a 60 foot sailboat . . . permanently! When we pulled up to the dock in Essex, Connecticut, you can imagine the excitement of a young boy about to embark on a magnificent adventure.

Thus began a three year, full immersion process of becoming a sailor. Unknown to me at the time, my father had been given 6 months to live and therefore, this was to be his final fulfillment in life. He was only 36. In a hurry to get it all in, we shortly took off from the calmness of dockside never to return to Essex. I learned the feel of a boat, night and day on the ocean, sailing in all conditions ~ steering, eating off a gimbaled table, and basic navigation. Life at sea was much like flying, hours and hours of the tranquil joys of sailing, punctuated with moments of shear mind numbing terror


Theresa Rae Gay

Located in our Florida office.

Theresa was our go-to person on most items in the company.  Her primary responsibilities were in sales, customer service and marketing, but she also managed much of our operations.


Phoebe Van Pelt
Shipping/Warehouse Manager

Located in our Ohio office.

Phoebe ran our warehouse, did all upgrades on boats and all shipping.