The SRC ThreeSailRC is For Sale

Steve is retiring, Theresa and Phoebe are moving on, BUT…all remaining inventory will be available through a separate source until it is either exhausted or a new distributorship is established.  Please click here to see what products are left.

We have enjoyed our time with all of you.  But it is time . . . .    After 15 years, a lot of boats, and a ton of terrific customers, it is time for us to bid you all farewell as we sail off into the sunset.  We hope to soon have a new owner for SailRC who will continue serving you as we have.

Steve will accept customer emails concerning information about a boat you purchased from SailRC and he will do his best to answer you in a timely manner.

You can reach Steve by clicking Ask Us A Question at the top right of every page.  No phone calls please.  More detailed information and “What’s next”  – see our Skipper’s Log.