thefamilyLighten-the-Load Sale!
Once in a long while we need to clear-out some inventory to make room for incoming shipments – this is one of those times.   We have limited quantities of brand new boats and parts, on sale right now. The sale runs as long as quantities last and then it’s over. Happy Holidays!

We’re a different kind of company – small, focused and full service. You’re looking at us ~ Dad and two daughters! We enjoy what we do and we enjoy each other.

We carefully select each boat we sell based on performance and endurance. We know what’s good because we test a lot of boats, and we race most boats we sell at the national level. That means we “speak sailing,” too.

So whether you’re a newcomer or an old salt, we’ll make you comfortable with your boat before and after your purchase. We invite you to browse our website where you’ll find articles about how to choose the right boat for you and specifics on the models we sell and service.

Welcome to SailRC. We’re glad you’re here.

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