The SRC ThreeSailRC is For Sale

Steve retired, Theresa and Phoebe have moved on. We have enjoyed our time with all of you. 

15 years of SailRC – over 10,000 boats sold to  a ton of terrific customers, it is time for us to bid you all farewell as we sail off into the sunset.

Interested in buying SailRC? Contact Theresa@SailRC.com for information. This site is still getting thousands of views per month with 75% of them being from new visitors. We also have customer lists and can even provide a copy of our file from QuickBooks to get you started.

Even though the website doesn’t show the products anymore (we were getting orders even when closed!), they are there. It would be easy to “turn them on” and get the store running smoothly again. They still include the vast amount of information people have always loved about SailRC – clear instructions, helpful tips and fun to read anecdotes.

Manufacturers are ready to make the boats if you want to take this on. Great income producer for one person or a couple.